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Lending Solutions

Goal Line Financial, LLC provides our clients exclusive access to a private banking program through BNY Mellon, N.A.  As a result, our clients have a dedicated team of professionals who can provide customized private banking solutions—including jumbo mortgages and securities-based loans. Working together, we have the ability to better manage both sides of your balance sheet.

Investment Credit Line

In addition to jumbo mortgages, you also have access to a revolving line of credit secured by liquid assets held in your investment account at Pershing.  Structured for financing needs over
$1 million, the Investment Credit Line can be used for a variety of purposes including tax obligations, real estate and private equity investments, and personal expenses.

Custom-Tailored Mortgage Solutions

BNY Mellon’s jumbo mortgage solutions are available nationwide on primary residences and vacation homes.  With a variety of innovative loan structures and competitive interest rate pricing, you can now meet your home financing needs and eliminate the need to liquidate investments for a down payment.

As a portfolio lender, BNY Mellon retains its mortgages for the life of the loan.   And, unlike many mortgage providers, mortgage banking officers will remain your single point of contact throughout the entire financing process.